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Biography of Vince Wawryk

Born in Saskatoon, March 1969, a somewhat scrawny, but otherwise healthy, Vincent Wawryk came into the world, the younger of two sons born to Orest and Pauline. While being the apple of his parents eyes Vince idolized his older brother Shawn.  Surprisingly, Shawn didn't mind and they were the best of friends ...still are.  Throughout his childhood, Vince was very active in sports, mainly hockey and football.  He picked up his first dumbbell in a high school gym to add a little size and strength, after making the football team. Here, he found that he liked what he saw, and began to focus on his physique. Instead of using the weights to get stronger, to prevent being run over by the big guys on the football field, he began to put on some muscle, and liked what he saw. The rest is history...he began reading everything he could get his hands on about the sport. Through the manipulation of his diet, and varying training strategies he began to put on muscle in all the right places, which leads us to his contest history.

After graduating, Vince attended SIAST Kelsey Campus for Power Engineering.  Shortly thereafter, he was hired on at Saskpower.  Bound to start his new career, Vince packed up his gym gear, protein powders and a couple boxes of "flex" magazines and headed south to Estevan.

As family is ever important to Vince, he found living so far away to be a burden on his heart. After nearly 3 years in Estevan, he moved back to Saskatoon to be closer to his family and his girlfriend Tracy.  Vince and Tracy were married in 1996.  They have 4 children, all boys, with the youngest being twins. After a 10 year stint in Prince Albert, they now reside in Warman.

Through the chaos of work, raising 4 kids, coaching hockey, moving and the failing health of his father, Vince never put the dumbbells down. He entered his first bodybuilding contest on 1991.  in the past 20 years Vince has dedicated his life to the sport.  He works hard, researches information constantly, studies nutrition, he eats, eats, and eats some more.  Vince is constantly tweaking his diets, supplements, training. posing and attitude to be the best that he can be.  His motto has always been..."compete against yourself" he tells clients that compete and himself "don't worry about somebody else on stage, work towards doing better than you did the time before. and if you do that, you will learn grow and ultimately achieve your goal...that's what I did." and that, ladies and gentleman, is how he has come to be the 2007 Canadian National Champion of Body Building.

Body Building Contest History

IFBB Pro Contest History

August, 2012                                          8th place - 212lbs Pro Division
                                                                Muscle Heat Pro Show
                                                                Greensboro, North Carolina

June, 2011                                              7th Place - 202lbs Pro Division
                                                                Pro Bodybuilding Weekly
                                                                Tampa Bay, Florida

June, 2011                                              9th Place - 202lbs Pro Division
                                                                Toronto Pro SuperShow
                                                                Toronto, Ontario
May, 2010
                                               4th Place - 202lb Pro Division
                                                                New York Pro Show
                                                                New York, New York

April, 2010                                              9th Place - 202lb Pro Division
                                                                Europa Show of Champions
                                                                Orlando, Florida

August, 2009                                         14th Place - 202lb Pro Division
                                                                Europa Sport and Supplements Expo
                                                                Dallas, Texas



Amateur Contest History


August, 2007    1st Place Overall - Middle Weight Division
   (Canadian National Championship)
   Edmonton, Alberta
September, 2006     2nd place - Middle Weight Division
    Canadian Nationals
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
August, 2004     1st place - Light Middle Weight Division
    Canadian Nationals
    Edmonton, Alberta

September, 2003
   1st place - Light Middle Weight Division
    Canadian Nationals
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
September, 2001     1st place - Welterweight Division
    World Qualifier
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
August, 2000     6th place - Middle Weight Division
    Canadian Nationals
    Calgary, Alberta
1994     5th place - Middle Weight Division
    Western Canadian
    Calgary, Alberta
1993     4th place - Middle Weight Division
    Western Canadian
    Banff, Alberta

    1st place - Overall
    Saskatchewan Provincials
    Regina, Saskatchewan
1991     1st place - Middle Weight Division
    Southern Saskatchewan
    Moosejaw, Saskatchewan