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  2011 Canadian 202lbs and under

Steve Burns


   2010 Provincial Overall Champion

Steve Burns Vince: Thanks for the great coaching and guidance in preparing me for the  2010 Sask Provincials. I was thrilled to take the Overall and amazed that you could bring me in 13 lb. heavier than the Canadians eight months earlier, but just as conditioned. Having a coach like you makes all the difference and your eye to detail and steady approach works great for me. I  would recommend your training/coaching skills to anyone serious about moving
ahead in the world of BBing competition.


2009 Canadian Master Champ


Steve Burns Steve Burns


Vince: With everyone being so busy on Sat. I didn't really get a chance to touch base with you once the rubber hit the road, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated all your help. There is no doubt you are an excellent coach/trainer and I felt privileged that you took me on. I was really happy with the way I looked and got what I came for, thanks for your guidance and advice. You have the eye for it as they say. I would never have believed I could get that conditioned without having to dip below 2000 KCal/day, but there you go. That's the difference between knowing the science of dietary manipulation and just out-and-out starvation.
Anyways, thanks again, great job.